Jonathan Rodman aged 35 from Chorley loves to attend DanceSyndrome’s community dance workshop in Hindley. He often leads the dancing along with Dance Leader Jen and Dance Artist Donna and as such has enrolled this year on DanceSyndrome’s Dance By Example training course in Preston, to learn how to co-deliver community dance workshops. Jonathan has Down’s syndrome and is supported by Carole.

“I have been attending DanceSyndrome for a while now and I love going. I have grown in confidence and love being asked to help out with Donna and Jen. I enjoy myself so much that I am now training to be a Dance Leader. I have made new friends, I am good friends with Jen, I look forward to going every week. I think it is fun and a good way to do exercise and I have stayed the same weight even though I can eat more. I have also got muscles on my legs now through exercise”.

“When Jonathan first went to DanceSyndrome, me and other staff had concerns that Jonathan would just do his own thing and not follow the Dance Leaders. When we arrived for the first time, Jonathan saw Jen and said I know Jen from school, she is the same as me. Because of Jen, Jonathan relaxed and to our surprise he followed the dance routines and it wasn’t long before he had learnt them. Jonathan looks forward to dance every week and he really enjoys himself, his confidence has grown and he has been given the opportunity to train as a Dance Leader. This makes him feel important. DanceSyndrome offers an opportunity for people with and without learning disabilities to learn a variety of dances and also a social
environment to meet different people with different abilities and to make new friends. Jonathan’s parents said they looked for years for dance classes but could never find anything suitable and are really pleased that Jonathan is now following his dream. Without DanceSyndrome Jonathan wouldn’t have the opportunity to do something he loves to do. From my point of view, I have been a Support Worker for over 20 years and it’s the best activity I have ever seen. It’s exercise, but it’s also a lot of fun. I love watching everyone having fun, some take longer to learn routines but that is what is so good, there is no pressure on anyone and we all have fun learning. DanceSyndrome is a true asset, and you should be so proud
of your achievement, keep up the good work and thank you.”


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