Our Strategy – Vision 2030

DanceSyndrome is currently working towards our strategy: Vision 2030, which is working well for our organisation and has strong potential for the long-term. The strategy is outlined below.

A visual showing the DanceSyndrome strategy Vision 2030. The key aims are: To be recognised as a North-West Leader in co-produced & co-delivered inclusive dance. To create a pathway of opportunities from early years to adulthood. To develop a best practice model that others can replicate across the UK which embeds our values, maintains our quality & delivers on our mission to empower people with learning disabilities.

Our Artistic Vision

A visual of our Artistic Vision

Our Delivery Strands

As part of the Vision 2030 strategy, we deliver our work in three different strands:

A group of dancers in the communityCommunity

  • Weekly Everybody Dance Classes (in-person and on Zoom)
  • Weekly Technique Classes (in-person and on Zoom)
  • Commissioned Classes & Workshops
  • Outreach and Mass Participation Events
  • Dance by Example Dance Leadership Training
  • ‘Everybody Dance’ Social Replication Model/DanceSyndrome Approved Provider Kitemark  (In Development)

The DanceSyndrome team performing on stagePerformance

  • DS Collective Performance Company
  • Dance Leader Professional Development Programme (Progression Pathways,
    Tailored Dance Development, Masterclasses & Life Skills)
  • DS Youth Collective (Company of Youth Dancers)
  • Dance Sector Partnerships (In Development)
  • Dance Accreditation (In Development)

The DanceSyndrome team delivering inclusion training Inclusion

  • “Breaking Down Barriers” Workshop (for dancers in training/education, community dance artists, dance teachers in traditional dance settings)
  • “Inclusion in Action” Workshop (for Businesses, Universities, Colleges & Schools)
  • DanceSyndrome Consultancy (In Development)