There are various ways that you could get involved with DanceSyndrome, but we would really like to hear from people with skills that could be used to help us with…


Do you have ideas about activities that can raise much needed funds for DanceSyndrome? Could you organise a fundraising event? Could you be part of a fundraising committee?

Supporting our Dance Sessions

Do you have time to attend our dance sessions in the community and help support participants to get the most from their experience?


Are you a social media wiz? Can you help spread the word about us and raise our profile?


Do you like talking to people and asking questions about their experiences? Could you help us to gather case studies and data about our participants’ experiences within our dance settings?


Dance is visual and we love to see what our dancers are achieving as well as hearing and reading about it. Could you help us to document our activities and the story of our dancers via photography and film?

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