Happy New Year

Happy New YearHappy New Year to everyone. I hope you are all safe and well and looking forward to all the exciting possibilities that 2021 has to offer.


What a journey we’ve all had during the past year last year. Who knew that we’d all turn into technical experts, Zooming away every week with our online dance activities. Imagine what else we can learn this year whilst sharing our love of dance with each other.


For me, 2021 is all about our collective well-being. Last year we all took more time to check in on our friends and family with care and compassion and you’ve been so amazing in your support for each other. Taking care of our own health and well-being is so important too and we want everyone in 2021 to keep well and feel on top of the world again.


Our DanceSyndrome family has a wonderful culture of care where everyone feels supported and experiences a strong sense of belonging. Let’s spread our love and compassion as widely as we can through our joy of dancing and infect the world with happiness, energy and optimism for a fantastic year ahead.


It’s thrilling to think that through technology we can reach out to so many more people and make new lasting friendships. If you haven’t joined us yet on Zoom and aren’t sure what to expect, we have free taster day tomorrow (Wednesday 6th January) so that you can try it for free before you book. All the information is below.


And of course we all look forward to the better weather in the Springtime so we can get back outside dancing together again.


We also have a great network of people on our social media, so if you want to reach out to our other dancers, please use our online community for support or reach out to our staff. You can email us at info@dancesyndrome.co.uk


You can stay up to date with any developments via the news page of our website, our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linked In. We are also continuing with our weekly free dance session on YouTube.


But for now please carry on dancing, share your passion for dance and stay connected as we move into 2021 together. It’s going to be a wonderful time if you’re with us.


With love and the very best well wishes,



Join us for a full day of free taster activities to allow you to try out our different sessions and find which is right for you.

The booking form should display below, but if it doesn’t load please visit: https://bit.ly/ZoomTasterDay

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