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About Becky

Becky Rich lives in Preston. She joined DanceSyndrome in 2014 after her dad had heard about the charity through a leaflet. Becky loves DanceSyndrome! She has been dancing since a young age and has always wanted to teach dance, so the opportunities that DanceSyndrome has given her make Becky feel happy!


Becky the Ambassador

Becky wants to encourage other people with disabilities to dance so they can feel free and realise that things aren’t that bad in life. In 2018 she took on the role of DanceSyndrome Spokesperson and Ambassador and travels around the country sharing the charity’s “ability, not disability” ethos.

Becky the Award-Winning Volunteer

Becky’s hard work and dedication to her volunteering role has been recognised through a number of awards. In November 2016, Lancashire County Council awarded her the “Volunteer of the Year” award at their annual Pride Awards. In 2018 she was included on the national Learning Disability and Autism Leaders List and was also awarded the Lesley Finley Community Award by Disability Equality (NW) in recognition of the work she has done to help other people with a learning disability in the North West. Becky is a truly inspirational lady, making a real difference in her local community and beyond!

Here Becky shares an open letter to DanceSyndrome followers asking for your support…

March update: Becky is leading by example with a fundraising appeal of her own:




“To all Volunteer Fundraisers”

I am Becky Rich, I am age 30, and I am a Dance Leader and Ambassador and Spokesperson for DanceSyndrome charity.

I am very honoured to write this letter to you all.

The history of DanceSyndrome. When it came about in 2009, Jen Blackwell was struggling to find opportunities of being a Dance Leader but she was unable to do this because due to the lack of opportunities. Jen Blackwell needed help and support of her Mum and Dad and they both established the DanceSyndrome charity in 2009.

DanceSyndrome charity is based in Lancashire. We deliver Leadership training for New Learners to become Dance Leaders. We deliver Dance Workshops and we perform in performances in big events and we speak at conferences right through the UK.

Our DanceSyndrome charity we need help. All of you Volunteer Fundraisers please help us to spread the word of DanceSyndrome and please work as a team and tell the people as many as you can about us. Because the impact of DanceSyndrome has on everyone had been incredible and really fantastic it has given us to lead our lives to the full and to fulfil our dreams, It has given us really amazing and very exciting opportunities that will stay with us for years. We are all on a Adventure of Opportunities it has given us alot. We are all very talented and we are all Great Leaders in our own way. This impact we have had on everyone else in connection to our charity our own volunteer fundraisers for example Rosemary Trustham and Shirley Carthy and etc.

We strongly believe in No Discrimination and only Acceptance.

Our DanceSyndrome activities are very important right now because during these difficult times of the lockdown. We need your help for us to continue our DanceSyndrome activities over the next few years 2020 – 2029. I love my Dancing family they mean alot to me. We’d love for you to like and share our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter whenever and wherever you are able to.

Yours sincerely

Becky Rich

If you are interested in becoming a fundraising volunteer for DanceSyndrome, please visit our Fundraising page here.

If you don’t have time to volunteer but would still like to support us, donations of all sizes help to support our work to continue. You can donate directly using the form below:

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