As Christmas approaches, we all start to think more about how we can give to others and for most people it truly is a time of compassion, generosity and being charitable.


Over recent years, many people have started to rethink the way that they share the spirit of Christmas and have made the decision to donate to charity instead of sending Christmas cards.


Busier lives, environmental concerns and a feeling that the money could be spent on something more worthwhile are just a few reasons why people are moving away from sending traditional printed cards.


As a charity that focuses on spreading joy and happiness, DanceSyndrome knows that just because people choose not to buy printed cards doesn’t mean that they don’t wish to send festive well wishes, so we have produced a downloadable Christmas image that you can share with your friends and family – instructions for use are below.


The image is free to everyone as our way of saying “thank you” to everyone who has supported us through 2017.


We hope that if you are donating to charity Christmas,  that you might consider DanceSyndrome as your charity of choice. There are lots of ways you can donate:


You can text a donation of any size to DanceSyndrome and we receive the full amount that you text. Text “DANS10 £5” (or the amount of your choice) to 70070.


You can donate online via Just Giving, Local Giving or PayPal.



You can also give cash donations to members of staff or volunteers at any of our events or activities.


To send our “card” all you have to do is visit the image page on our website, right click on the picture and then click “save image as” and choose where to save the image on your computer/device. Then using your chosen email application, start writing a new email. Most email systems allow you to insert a picture into the body of your email (it is usually an icon with a picture of mountains and sunshine) and then choose the saved image to insert. You can add your own text underneath and sent it to as many contacts as you like.


Many thanks to all our supporters. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2018!



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