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DanceSyndrome is a charity that focuses on ability rather than disability. We work with a lot of talented individuals, with and without disabilities, who have lots of amazing ideas for driving the charity forward and lots of skills that we want to enable them to develop.


As part of our Spirit of 2012 funded project “Everybody Dance” we committed to running focus groups with the participants, but we decided to take this a step further a set up a regular forum for our dancers to share information, ideas and feedback. We know it is important for people to have their voices heard and we wanted to make sure that all of our dancers had that opportunity.


The Select Team was formed to help inform the decisions made by the charity trustees but the group also wanted to publicly celebrate and share their ideas, so we will be blogging about each of their meetings.


Here is a summary of their December 2017 meeting:


How has 2017 been for you?

Everyone agreed it had been a fantastic year!


What sort of chances would you like in 2018?

Some people felt that it would be great to start something new in 2018.

The group would like to do performances to a wider audience and to perform in different locations – they  would like DanceSyndrome to travel around the world!


What would you like more of in Dancer Development?

It was suggested that it would be good to do more duet work.


How can we raise our profile/fundraise?

There were lots of good fundraising suggestions including:

Strictly Ballroom competition


Sponsored swim.

Sponsored walk


What would you like to aim towards with DanceSyndrome? How do we get there?

It was suggested that it would be a good idea to do a YouTube video of the whole team dancing.


What would you like to report back to the Board of Directors?

The group would like more performance opportunities  and more street dance and they would like to  recognise everyone’s achievements!


Here is a video of Jen Blackwell reporting back to the Board of Directors in December 2017 about the discussions at the Select Team meeting:



The Select Team meeting provides really great feedback for us and helps us to know that we are doing things right and how we can take things forward in the future. We love to hear feedback from everyone, regardless of how they are involved with DanceSyndrome, so if you would like to share something with us, please get in touch by email at or by phone on 07597 942494.


If you’d like to read more feedback from our dancers, participants and professionals that we have worked with, you can visit the testimonials page on our website.


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