After considerable arm-twisting I agreed to the challenge of 40-50Km a day for a week in Morocco which sounds impossible to a non-cyclist. So training has begun and stepped up hugely on Saturday with a 30 KM round of Pendle Hill which I survived with the considerable support and encouragement of others.

Please support me in my bid to raise funds for DanceSyndrome where donations are appreciated in any form but donating through Local Giving  effortlessly converts £10 to £20 or even a little more if you can gift aid it. DanceSyndrome is achieving remarkable outcomes on minimal resources but needs donations, regular donors and fundraisers to continue to grow, develop and make waves. A standing start to prime time TV and now our own training programme with national and international invitations in the offing inside 5 years is impressive by anybodies standards.

Please support me to support DanceSyndrome, addressing social injustice for people with learning disabilities through dance – dancer led, disability inspired.

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