A photo of some people smiling and dancing with the words "funded dance sessions for eligible Lancashire residents"

A photo of some people smiling and dancing with the words "funded dance sessions for eligible Lancashire residents"Lancashire County Council funded places on DanceSyndrome sessions


DanceSyndrome is delighted to share details of a vital new partnership with Lancashire County Council to provide free access to dance sessions for individuals with learning disabilities who are not currently able to access dance activities due to a range of barriers. Accessing this funded programme will enable new people to build confidence, develop new skills, network and meet new people and exercise which benefits both physical and mental wellness.


An easy read version of this information can be found on this link.



We are partnering with Lancashire County Council from April 2023 for 2 years with an aim of providing subsidised and fully funded introductory places on DanceSyndrome sessions for those who meet the following eligibility criteria:

• Lives in Lancashire (postcode required)
• Age 16 plus
• Has a Learning Disability and/or Autism
• Individuals DO NOT have to be eligible for Adult Social Care support in Lancashire

Unfortunately, we cannot use this funding to support existing DanceSyndrome participants.

The funding is limited so we will support people on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, please apply early to avoid disappointment.


What we are offering

Members of the DanceSyndrome team smiling and huddled together during a rehearsalFor those who are eligible, we can provide:

• Fully funded introductory places for 6 weeks at one of our inclusive Everybody Dance sessions or our Weekly Company Class. This will help them decide which classes might be for them in the long term.
• After 6 weeks we will talk to participants about the classes they may want to continue and for a further 6 weeks they will pay 50% of the session fee and the partnership grant will fund the other 50%.
• This 12-week period will give individuals time to try some new things. After the 12 weeks, we will also help people to look to see if there are any options that may be able to help with ongoing costs.

Sessions are available in Accrington, Clitheroe, Chorley, and Preston.

We also have places for 5 people with learning disabilities to complete our Dance By Example leadership training. This course will be at Level 1. We will support them to put the skills learned into practise and if additional resources can be identified then individuals will be supported to progress to Level 2 training. We will also provide employability/ work experience opportunities with DanceSyndrome and/or signpost to relevant external employment opportunities.


How to apply

All interested participants need to email info@dancesyndrome.co.uk or call us on 07597 942494 so that we can check your eligibility. We will then ask you to complete a DanceSyndrome new participation form so that we can record your personal information as part of the funding requirements. Once this is completed, you can access the session of your choice.

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