Star Supporters

Star supporters are people who we have met in the course of our business who really love the work we do and want to share the impact that DanceSyndrome has had on them!

Alexandra Burke – Singer and Performer

“It was an honour to meet Jen and her friends and family in 2018. We took selfies, she gave me some dance tips and she was a guest on my tour. Jen is an incredible woman, she has done outstanding things and through DanceSyndrome she is changing other people’s lives, allowing people to express themselves in such a beautiful way. I think it’s absolutely incredible!”

Rula Lenska – Actress

“I was fortunate to meet members of the DanceSyndrome team at an event at Kew Gardens in 2017. Their performance was very memorable and has stayed with me to this day. It was a pleasure to meet such inspiring people sharing an important message about inclusion. I am delighted to be a Star Supporter and DanceSyndrome have my full support for their wonderful and inspirational work. I look forward to seeing where the future takes them. They deserve enormous success!”

Jenny Meadows – Great Britain Athlete, World and European Medallist

“As a person who has devoted their life to reaching my potential as an athlete, I can resonate so well with the aims and objectives of DanceSyndrome and the people who enable themselves and others to use it as a platform to reach their own potential. Just as an Olympic athlete has to dig deep within themselves and keep striving to jump higher, throw further and run faster, those people involved in DanceSyndrome similarly display an unstoppable Olympic spirit and tremendous resilience to deal with challenges and overcome barriers in their quest for success. It’s not all about the glory however and the gold, silver and bronze medals that are often used to celebrate success; it’s the individual tales of improvement, the journeys that people have been on and the landmarks of hope and friendship that they have experienced along the way. I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to hear about the tales, journeys and experiences that those involved with DanceSyndrome have been through as they rival that of the champion of Olympia, Heracles himself.”

Sally Phillips – Actor

“I have met members of the DanceSyndrome team at several events over the last few years and it is always a pleasure to see them. They are great advocates for inclusion and truly show that we can make the world a better place simply by accepting and including everyone. People of all abilities have hopes, dreams and talents and it is brilliant to see a charity that provides opportunities for people to pursue their dreams on an equal footing. DanceSyndrome are challenging the way that people think about learning disability and I am proud to be a supporter of their work!” (Photo of Sally courtesy of Ruth Crafer)

Christopher Reid

Christopher Reid – Athlete

“I had the privilege of meeting Becky and Jen at the 2019 Leaders’ List launch event in Birmingham. They were so inspirational and enthusiastic about DanceSyndrome. They asked me if I would like to be one of their star supporters I was happy to say “yes!” Like DanceSyndrome, I was included in the Sports, Arts and Entertainment category of the 2019 Leaders’ List for my achievements in sport. I am a 400m and 800m runner and hoping to represent team GB in the future. As well as having a learning disability, I had to deal with mental health difficulties as a result of bullying in school. All these things made me a stronger person and I like to blog to share my experiences and help people that are going through the same problems. I would love to let more people know about DanceSyndrome’s work.”

Andrew Self – Professional Dancer

“I love to dance all the time as it makes me really happy, keeps me fit and helps me meet lots of different people. I am honoured to be asked to be a Star Supporter for DanceSyndrome as the work they are doing is wonderful. They are spreading the joy of dance and dance is amazing for everyone no matter how young, old or able you are. They inspire lots of people through their workshops, classes and, of course, performances!”

Shaun Paul Smith – Professional Dancer

“As someone with a passion for educating and developing young performers and creating a fun, hard working and creative dance environment, I love DanceSyndrome’s mission! I’m a huge believer in versatility and diversity in dance and DanceSyndrome are doing amazing work to make the dance world more inclusive. It’s great to see a charity working hard to create opportunities for everyone in the performance arts.”

If you would also like to support us too, there are lots of ways you can do that, including volunteering, fundraising and donating. You can find out more on the Support Us page. Alternatively, you can donate directly via the form below. If everyone we inspired could donate just £1 a month then we would be fully funded!