Let’s Get Started is a new project led by Brothers of Charity Clare, funded by the Genio Trust. Our aim is to help individuals with a disability to explore and plan a micro business or social enterprise in their local area, with family and community involvement.
We started by learning from other people and programmes in Ireland and around the world. We wanted to know if self employment is a real option for individuals with significant disabilities; what types of small business people have set up and what is needed to support entrepreneurs with disabilities.
We found many good examples in England, America and Canada. In Ireland, business support programmes for people with disabilities are at an early stage but we can learn a lot from people with more experience.
Supported self-employment’ is a good model, developed in England and America. People with disabilities are empowered to run their own business, with supports and ongoing assistance. While these individuals receive support and help in setting up and running their enterprise, they own the business and are key decision makers. Support comes from service providers, families and community supports.

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Self employment report

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