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Rose TrustamFollowing the Express Showcase on 1st March, Rose Trustam approached the DanceSyndrome team to tell us why she had chosen to make a donation to support our work. We want to share Rose’s feelings with you and thank her for the significant impact her donation will make to the future of our charity. 


“As a professional involved in the sector, I’ve worked in learning disabilities since 1978. My contact with Dancesyndrome has been as an admirer of the work they do – I have actually gone to a couple of their workshops in Chorley as a participant; I’ve been to a couple of their performances and also was at Linkability’s AGM when Jen Blackwell and Peter Pamphlett did a performance. I’ve met with Jen Blackwell and  Sue Blackwell and know several of the people with learning disabilities who have trained as co-trainers or have attended/attend their workshops and so have seen growth in confidence as well as seen and heard their positive appreciation of the group and their opportunities it has presented.


“The way that DanceSyndrome work is probably unique in that people with learning disabilities have an equal place & value with dancers and dance leaders without learning disabilities. This promotes high standards but also encourages their equal contribution to the choreography, performances and workshops as dance leaders. I’ve seen how people have flourished, growing as dance leaders and performers through their training; it has led to increased confidence in many areas of their lives including friendships and enhanced social lives. It also cuts across prejudices that too often limit people’s lives and helps the public to understand just what people have to offer given a chance. The values which appreciate the talents and potential of all people are embedded in this group and are lived out in the way people are supported and developed. Given the chance to develop as dance leaders, other parts of their lives are seen to flourish too.


“What I’ve seen across the years has been a remarkable and growing impact on people with learning disabilities locally and regionally, but also across the country from performances and TV coverage and including Scotland (from their Edinburgh Fringe performances). People are proud to be associated with DanceSyndrome and are proud of them, and as has been seen over recent years their impact has spread.


“For me, I am proud to support this exceptional group which has grown out of a real commitment to dance and to the real inclusion and equality of people with learning disabilities. The ethos is a passion for dance and an inclusion of all; people’s voices are not only heard, they are what leads the group and its direction and impact and they are embedded in the culture from the roots. It’s the joy and confidence of the volunteers that will never I’m sure allow it to be less than inspirational to all involved and whom they touch.”


Rosemary Trustam

Voluntary coordinator of Preston Learning Disability Forum

Publisher Community Living magazine


If you’re inspired by Rose’s generous donation and would like to donate yourself, you can donate directly using the form below or visit the Fundraising page of this site for other ways to donate. 

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