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About DanceSyndrome

DanceSyndrome is an inclusive dance charity that empowers people with learning disabilities to co-lead and co-produce inclusive dance activities. These activities include weekly workshops across Lancashire, community outreach work at local events and high profile professional dance performances across the UK.


Part of our mission is to demonstrate what can be achieved when people with learning disabilities are given the right support and access to inclusive opportunities and to inspire people throughout society to believe in the abilities and talents of people with learning disabilities. We do this through live events, online promotion, press coverage and in our printed marketing assets.


To help us to fulfil our commitments to communicating this message, we need high quality photographs and videos to use in our varied communications. We are looking to engage with a Lancashire based photographer and/or videographer who can help us to achieve this.


Please read our Brand and Communications Guide for more in-depth information and see our Case for Support as an example of how our imagery is used.


The photographer’s brief


We would like a photographer to engage with our dancers once a month for 12 months.Ballet


Working with our Managing Director, Artistic Director and Project Coordinator, you will invited to attend key events and activities to take a wide variety of different photographs that meet our needs.


Examples of what we are looking for are:

Workshops in action – we need photographs and videos of our regular Everybody Dance activities taking place so that we can promote these and increase participation, as well as demonstrating to our funding bodies how their money is being used. We need photographs our of co-leaders and participants (who will sign photography release forms) that demonstrate the joy of participating in inclusive dance.
Performance photography – we need photos taken at our live performances (or at dress rehearsals where appropriate) which show the professional quality and diversity of our productions.
Outreach events – we often attend public events in Lancashire communities, where members of our team engage members of the public in dance activities. We would like to document these events to demonstrate the popularity of these events and how much they are enjoyed by our dancers and members of the public alike.
Portrait photography of our Dance Artists and Dance Leaders for use in their own portfolios and for our regular marketing materials, to promote our regular activities and outreach work. These may be still portraits or photos taken of individuals dancing in a studio style.


Our team will work with you to identify key events which could be photographed to achieve these goals and will provide as much advance notice as possible. Where you are unable to attend community events in a specific month, we would look for you to fill the gap with visits to our regular workshops (primarily in Preston).


Time commitment


Most events will require a commitment of between one and two hours, plus travel time.


Ideally, we would like photographs to be returned to us within three working days of the event.




We want to establish a bank of images which we own the copyright to and are able to freely use in all our marketing materials (in print and online).


Contact us


If you think you are able to meet this brief, we invite you to provide a quotation (with details of travel expenses charges) and examples of your previous work to Sarah Calderbank, Project Coordinator, via

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