130526_1125 Peter is a volunteer Dance Leader with DanceSyndrome and has recently taken on an administration role too, helping with our social media, collating research data and helping around the office. He has been heavily involved with DanceSyndrome since the very early days and he tries to join in with all aspects of our work, so we thought he was the perfect person to write a regular blog for DanceSyndrome! You can find out more about Peter in his case study https://dancesyndrome.co.uk/peters-story/


Here is Peter’s first blog:



21st September 2016

I travelled down to Preston and then walked down to Plungington Community Centre to practice a piece of work for two events with DanceSyndrome in Blackpool and Preston.  The event in Blackpool was for the EVA awards for women in business and the other event is a music and dance at Bartle Hall in Preston.  So for the performance in Blackpool I will be doing the duet with Sophie and for the performance in Preston I will be doing the duet with Jodie.


23rd September 2016

I travelled down to Blackpool to the Winter Gardens to performance with DanceSyndrome at the EVA awards I got to Blackpool early to have a look around the shop and I bumped into DanceSyndrome’s Christine and Pauline then I showed them where the Winter Gardens and Pizza Express was where we had tea after the run though in the space. When we did the performance it was shown live on the big screen in the ballroom and when we finished the piece we got a standing ovation and it made me feel full energy.

25th September 2016

I travelled down to Preston then got a coffee so I was focused then Sue picked me up from the train station where we travelled down to Bartle Hall to perform at our music and dance event where we meet Debbie Lye from the Spirit of 2012 and Hannah Payton from the Special Olympics.



Peter (third from left) and the DanceSyndrome Dance Leader team at the Music and Dance Festival at Bartle Hall.


Join Peter next month to find out about DanceSyndrome’s activities in October!


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