Peter is a volunteer Dance Leader with DanceSyndrome and has recently taken on an administration role too, helping with our social media, collating research data and helping around the office. He has been heavily involved with DanceSyndrome since the very early days and he tries to join in with all aspects of our work, so we thought he was the perfect person to write a regular blog for DanceSyndrome! You can find out more about Peter in his case study


In August, our dancers performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the team did an amazing job, not only in terms of their performances, but also in promoting the shows and generating interest in the performances through handing out flyers and chatting with people on the streets of Edinburgh. Here is Peter’s blog about his experiences at the Fringe:


Edinburgh Fringe Festival: 12th – 15th August


Saturday 12th August 2017

I travelled to Edinburgh on Saturday by train it took 3hr 25mins. When I got there I walked down to the apartment to drop my suitcase off before meeting the others at the Surgeon’s Hall performance venue. Then we went off to have some free time until Sunday, so me, Jen and Donna went to Frankie and Benny’s to have some tea.


Sunday 13th August 2017

We meet the other dancers to go over our flyering slots. Mine was 1pm-2pm and 4pm-5pm with Donna and Jen. Before our first slot, we went up to see the castle – it was cool! After we finished our last slot we went to watch a show called Showstoppers, it was amazing!


Monday 14th August 2017

We all meet at the Surgeon’s Hall to get set for our first performance at the Fringe. It was an unbelievable experience and we had 70 people come to see us today! When we had finished, I stayed behind to watch another performance it was called Bassett. I meet back up with Jen and Donna then at 3.30-4.30pm we did our last slot promoting the show.


Tuesday 15th August 2017

We all met up again for our last performance at the Fringe which was exciting and tiring because we did the 2 performances full out. It’s amazing how fast the turnaround is from one show ending to the next show starting! After the performance, I went back to the apartment and got my stuff and got the train back home.


Video below: Peter performs “Right of Passage” alongside David Corr and David Darcy

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