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In early 2019, DanceSyndrome is launching a range of new sessions for dancers of all abilities to develop their skills in specific areas of dance.


These sessions will be called EXTEND and EXPLORE. They are different from our weekly Everybody Dance workshops as they have more of a focus on technical skills and specific dance styles; Everybody Dance is more of an introduction to dance and is about having fun, staying healthy and using a range of dance styles to learn communication and social skills.




Extend is a programme of inclusive technique classes exploring different styles of dance. These sessions are perfect for both beginners and those with experience. Each class will begin with technical exercises and then explore set choreography, which will be developed over the 6 week  term.


Extend: Ballet

Monday, 11:30am- 12:30pm


Extend: Street

Monday, 1-2pm


Extend: Contemporary

Monday, 2:15- 3:15pm


Extend: Jazz

Monday, 3:30- 4:30pm


These sessions will  run at Plungington Community Centre at a cost of £7 each, or there are discounts available for attending multiple sessions on the same day (£13 for 2 sessions. £18 for 3 sessions. £20 for 4 sessions.)


If you would like to know more about these sessions, please contact or just turn up. Sessions start on Monday 7th January.


Here is a taste of what our DStreet Crew street dancers have already achieved in these sessions in 2018:




DanceSyndrome truly believes that there is no right or wrong way to move and there is beauty and significance in everyone’s movement. Our EXPLORE programme offers dancers an opportunity to come together and explore movement, develop choreography and unlock creativity.


Using contact improvisation and somatic practice we encourage dancers to listen to their own bodies and explore; how we want to and are able to move; respond to natural movement impulses; push and challenge our habitual movement styles; and find moments of connection through dance with others in our company.


Explore: Create and Connect

Wednesday, 1- 3pm

At Plungington Community Centre

This session will cost £5.


This video gives a taste of the kind of dance that happens in these sessions:


If you would like to join any of these sessions you are welcome to just turn up. If you need more information, please email


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