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Evidence of DanceSyndrome’s Impact

Our ongoing consultations with all of our participants (done via surveys, creative evaluation, case studies, focus groups, impact assessment) and independent evaluation by Why Not Change continues to show that our sessions make a significant positive health and social difference in the lives of people with learning disabilities.

• 100% say they are happier since joining DanceSyndrome
• 98% say they feel that they belong at DanceSyndrome, which is very important because 46% say they sometimes lack companionship or feel isolated
• 98% have increased confidence since joining DanceSyndrome
• 99% feel better about their life and their future since joining DanceSyndrome
• 100% have improved self esteem since joining DanceSyndrome
• 99% of participants feel positive about participating in their community

We also carried out research with audience members at DanceSyndrome performances:

• 100% said they would like to see DanceSyndrome perform again
• 100% said that as a direct result of seeing a DanceSyndrome performance that they would consider watching other disabled people perform in arts or sports
• 96% of audience members identified as having a positive or very positive view of disabled people before seeing DanceSyndrome perform
• 78% said they had a more positive or much more positive view of disabled people after seeing DanceSyndrome perform. None had a more negative view.

The feedback comments that accompanied these statistics can be found on the Testimonials page.

Our consultations confirm there is no other disability-led inclusive community dance provision in Lancashire and Greater Manchester and no existing Dance Leader training which can be accessed by people with learning disabilities.