Lit aDrift - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Lit aDrift - Edinburgh Fringe 2018Our dancers had an amazing time in Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival feedback was just incredible! We are so proud of this achievement and wanted to share the collection of comments with you in this blog.



















Feedback sent via Facebook Message: “Visually, the show was lovely. Elegant, soothing and clear emotions. The combination of able-bodied and disabled performers enhanced all aspects and actually personalised the performances to a greater degree than in an all-able-bodied company. The thing that moved me the most though was the importance of the work your company does. On a fundamental level, the arts should be accessible to all. On a professional level, as a choreographer I could recognise the impressive technique of some Downs performers and it breaks my heart to think that they are unlikely to be accepted into a mainstream company despite their talent and so the opportunities you offer are so important and it makes me angry that traditional training and performance isn’t more inclusive. Keep doing your thing and pushing for visibility and equality!”


Feedback from audience feedback forms completed at Edinburgh Fringe performances in 2018


“Wonderful performance, so much talent!”


“Delighted we were able to come up earlier than planned to see Lit a Drift. A hauntingly, beautiful performance, telling a story of life, loss and love that resonates with everyone.”


“Wonderful performance!”


“That was a very beautiful and thought provoking performance. Thank You”


“The best show I’ve seen!”


“What a brilliant and moving performance. Thank you David for asking us to come! Freda.”


“Fab event. Keep up the excellent work”


“Superb, Stunning. Thank You”


“Stunning, Moving, Exceptional!”






“Saw it last year and loved it, this year was even better! Made my heart happy! So moving and beautiful, Thank you!”


“I loved the authenticity of the disabled performers and the general ‘what you see is what you get’ presence. I found some of the non disabled performers performances a bit too forced.”


“It was lovely. Well done to all the dancers. Beautiful choreography!”


“I loved this performance. Didn’t want it to end. So absorbing and moved me emotionally. Thank you.”


“Wonderful show, skilled committed ensemble, uplifting and exciting. Loved it”


“Brilliant, Society needs more things like this, this is what makes society better. Loved it so much.”


“Thank you for your work and this very, very touching performance!”


“So moving, just wonderful”


“The performance today was magnificent. A beautiful story, performed with passion and care. So much talent”


“I felt extremely moved by the performance. I loved the story and the meaning behind the routines. You could sense the emotion oozing out from every pore of every dancer.”


“An amazing group of dancers! Would love to see a million times over”


“Fantastic performance! We absolutely loved it!”


“Such a moving dance, amazing”


“Amazing, very special. So pleased to have been here”


“Really moving, beautiful. The disabled woman in the final trio particularly impressed me”


“One of the most beautiful and moving pieces of theatre I have seen. Tells an amazing story and shows the ‘soul’ of all who take part – would be lovely for everyone to see it!!”


“Such an amazing experience, I feel privileged to have been part of the audience, comments I’m hearing all around me are: It’s great, it’s good, excellent, moving, divine, never expected that, wow, so brilliant, fantastic, marvellous, superb, well done, imaginative. so Thank you”


“This was an incredible show performed by incredible people. What a show!”


“Excellent performance! Sitting at the back – perhaps a venue with more “raked” seating next time? Well done!”


” A beautiful and moving piece”


“Fantastic performance, would certainly watch again. Loved it. I see why David enjoyed elicitations”


” I felt positive before but even more so. It was inspiring & thank you to Peter for sharing the show with me and my friends on the train. Let me know anything your doing”


“Beautiful, moving, powerful piece. Inclusion at its very best!”


“Brilliant. Well done”


“Show was moving & fantastic, lovely”


“The show and performers brought me to tears. The skill and focus of the performers was amazing. Everyone should be so proud of their achievements this morning.”


“Excellent, inclusive performance. Choreography V impressive.”


“I was so happy to watch feeling I was seeing a story rather than anything about disability”


“Beautiful performance, nice choreography, we don’t know the english words for it, but we loved it.”


“Amazing performance, emotional, enthralling. A wonderful 50 minutes.”


“Beautiful choreography, evocative music, balanced, creative & thought provoking.”


“Great performance”


“I thought this dance production was worth my trip to Edinburgh. It was outstanding & inspiring V emotional. Thank You.”


“Wow! Absolutely beautiful performance – stunning. Moved to tears – Completely blown away!”


“Very focused – Great show – will come again.”


“Fantastic Performance”


“A stunning performance!!! Really beautiful an eye opener that anyone can do anything!!! Will certainly see a DanceSyndrome show again!!!”


“Absolutely fabulous show. Had me crying throughout. Powerful message. Would come see the show again.”


“It was wonderful so creative and beautiful. I cried from beginning to end. Best thing I have seen at the fringe.”


“Congratulations on a fantastic performance! Thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding.”


“Great performance. I loved it and got very emotional. Please let me know if I can help in any way.”


“Another polished and professional performance – Well done to all dancers. Great story telling & expressivity. Keep dancing you are an inspiration.”


Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the shows for sharing your thoughts with us. Feedback is always really important to us as it helps us to gain funding and create a buzz around our work, but most importantly, it is a real confidence boost for our dancer to know how much you value their work!


The trip to Edinburgh could never have happened without the dedication and hard work of our dancers and supporters, who have provided practical support as well as helping to raise the money to cover the costs of the trip. Please see this blog which thanks everyone who helped us with this amazing achievement!

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