A photograph of the DanceSyndrome team rehearsing for the Edinburgh Fringe performances. They are dancing around a giant eye.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 Feedback

Following our trip the the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, our team have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our audiences at the performances and from the members of our team who took part.

We are proud to share this feedback with you.

The word cloud shows the responses to the question “What three words would you use to describe the performance?” Larger words appeared more frequently in the responses.

Below is feedback from audience members and performers.

A word cloud with a list of feedback words. The most prominent words are

A photograph of two male dancers performing SENse. One is sat in a white box on the floor and the other is holding a giant eye.

Audience Feedback

  • “I’ve got goosebumps! magical, thought-provoking show that highlights how easy it is to put people in boxes. Very moving. thank you!”
  • “I enjoyed the different choreographies and the different personalities of the members of the cast were visible.”
  • “My son has DS – he is a traditional musician. Ground-breaking performances such as this can only help to raise the profile of people with DS in performing arts. “You can’t be what you can’t see” More power to you all. Thank you.”
  • “Highlights the travesty of our time, injustice because you are labelled. DanceSyndrome are truly amazing.”
  • “Individuality is key. Every person MUST be heard, valued, embraced in their journey through life.”
  • “Wonderful trust and empathy between all of the dancers. Very fluid movements and in harmony with the music and objects. Great agility, in moving around in and out of the boxes.”
  • “Inspirational and thought provoking. Lessons to be learned for the audiences attending. Very well attended and much appreciated, thoughtful and well executed production.”
  • “Great to see diversity on the stage and the performers enjoying themselves. A clear message and it was great to have the simple program – very helpful! Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next show.”
  • “Really lovely piece, very fluid, with lots of talented performers. As a parent/ carer of a disabled child, I was very moved and the performance brought me a lot of joy to see such talent”

Dancer feedback

“Its means a lot to me being a part of this trips its takes me out of the house doing more things and different things in life as well and going out in the community… [it’s important] being involved doing different activities and trips out doing dancing and performing as well and being as team in trips out doing something useful for myself and everyone as well.”

“I had loads of fun spending time with fellow dance leaders, artists and carers. I found the performances to be challenging and rewarding and… I was able to push through and deliver to the best of my ability. Having opportunities like this means the world, being able to perform at the fringe is something I never thought I was able to do,  so thank you all so much.”

“The overall experience was amazing. I have enjoyed the performance side of things. It has allowed me to develop my performance skills to a new audience. Many thanks for this wonderful opportunity.”

“It is absolutely amazing to perform in Edinburgh Fringe and to promote our performances to a massive community in Edinburgh. It created for me really special memories in the community. It shows we can now perform in other places we done not yet in other parts of the UK. I like to do more trips yes please.”

Parent/Carer feedback

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience… I think it is brilliant for the dancers to be part of such a huge festival.”

“Watching these dancers work their magic is truly humbling… to be part of the euphoria after the final performance and the overflowing emotions of so many all so moved where each dancer had been recognised as the individuals they are, each enabled to contribute in their own unique way. We both felt that we had witnessed and been involved in a small way with something transcending every other performance we’ve seen, something very special.  The messages were so powerful, so poignant, and so incredibly pointed when told by those directly affected.”

Two female dancers kneeling on the floor reaching up touching hands. A male dancer holds a giant eye between them.

We hope you agree that this is amazing feedback! We are looking forward to further developing SENse ahead of a North West tour in early 2024, so follow us on social media to look out for an opportunity to see the show at a venue near you really soon!

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