Pauline Hall is a Dance Leader and performer with DanceSyndrome. She joined DanceSyndrome in 2015 when she took part in our Dance By Example leadership training. Since then she has taken part in our weekly Clitheroe workshop, joined our performance troupe and participated in our weekly performance sessions.

In 2018 Pauline increased her involvement with DanceSyndrome and became a much more visible member of the team, taking part in more public performances, leading community dance activities and also becoming a member of the street dance crew.

Pauline thinks DanceSyndrome is “fabulous” and is eager to become more and more involved. She has always enjoyed being part of DanceSyndrome and there has been a significant increase in her participation, confidence and enthusiasm. Pauline has made huge progress with DanceSyndrome. She now co-leads the Clitheroe workshop with Helen Shepherd, as well as delivering duo performances with Becky Rich in care homes, schools and at special events. Here, she tells us in her own words how important DanceSyndrome is to her life.

“I am having a good time, this is because I am part of the DanceSyndrome family. It makes me feel fantastic because I like to dance and be with my friends.

“I have learnt new dance skills and have become a better dancer, my confidence has grown and I help to lead a weekly dance class which I really love.

“I love every minute. I have travelled to new places and performed to all ages and I have been working on a dance duo with Becky and Dance Artist Nicole. My latest dance project has just started with UCLAN.

“I have been given lots of chances to grow with DanceSyndrome. I love the weekly sessions and the big performances make me feel brilliant.

“DanceSyndrome is so important to my life, it makes me happy to be part of this wonderful dancing family. I love dancing with DanceSyndrome. It is fantastic. I loved going to Edinburgh and the audience loved us.”

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