Lucy Burgess from Poulton-le-Fylde joined DanceSyndrome in 2014. At that time she was 21 and was attending Preston’s College to study dance and drama. She heard about DanceSyndrome through the college and came along to try a workshop. She has been with us ever since!

Lucy has been a valuable participant in the weekly inclusive dance workshop in Preston, as well as taking part in Create and Connect (creative dance) and our Contemporary dance technique classes. She also takes part in regular DS Collective performance rehearsals, where she is working on new performance pieces.

Lucy loves DanceSyndrome because she has fun in the sessions, she said “I like to have a smile on my face and I am always smiling when I am here”. Lucy loves to meet new people and spend time with her DanceSyndrome friends. She thinks that Sophie our Artistic Director is a great leader and always enjoys the sessions.

Lucy shares her thoughts about DanceSyndrome in this video from Parasport:

Lucy’s favourite memory with DanceSyndrome was when she travelled to Edinburgh with the performance team to watch them perform at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe. She loved watching the performance and felt very proud of everyone who performed. She also felt proud of herself for being involved with DanceSyndrome.

Lucy feels that since joining DanceSyndrome she has become popular, made lots of friends and that she makes people happy. Her dance technique and knowledge of dance has improved lots. She is very proud of these achievements and now aspires to become a famous dancer! In the future she would like to do more performance work with DanceSyndrome.


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