Helen Cherry, from Merseyside, joined DanceSyndrome in 2017 at the age of 27. She took part in our unique Dance By Example leadership training course. She really loved the course and when it came to a close she really wanted to continue working with DanceSyndrome, so she joined the weekly sessions in Preston with the DS Collective performance team. Helen has thrived in our inclusive dance sessions, taking the lead female role “Woman” in our 2018 Edinburgh Fringe piece “Lit aDrift”.

Helen, who also dances with DaDaFest, another inclusive arts organisation, is a confident and ambitious dancer. In 2019 she heard about an exciting opportunity to audition for a touring show called “Splash!”, a multi-sensory performance event presented by Extraordinary Bodies. Helen was keen to be involved and was thrilled to be offered the role of Flo, the young woman whose journey was being told. Lost in a magical watery world full of strange sea creatures and underwater perils, Flo learns to take risks, gains independence and confidence, until she finally finds her way back home. This was a great opportunity for Helen which she enjoyed very much.

Helen has been involved in performing art for a long time, having worked with Team Oasis, a dance and drama group in Liverpool for five years from 2005, completing a level 1 qualification in dance at Wirral Met College in 2008 and working as a performer and assistant peer educator at Pilgrim Street Arts Centre in Birkenhead. She has also worked as a TV extra for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV, including 15 episodes on Coronation Street!

When she’s not dancing and performing, Helen loves swimming and other fitness activities, going to see live music and even playing the piano and violin. She’s a very busy lady and we feel very lucky to have her involved with DanceSyndrome!

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