Millie graduated with a BA in Dance Education from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2021. She first came into contact with DanceSyndrome through online sessions delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic. Millie carried out a university placement with DanceSyndrome in early 2021. As a placement student, she delivered 6 dance sessions of various lengths, as well as participating in classes with the DS Collective performance team.

Millie is based in Kent so all the work she does with DanceSyndrome is virtual. She started working for the charity on an administrative basis in the summer of 2021 before starting to teach some online classes in the autumn, including co-leading a weekly Everybody Dance session with Dance Leader David Corr.

Outside of her work with DanceSyndrome, Millie runs her own inclusive dance company called Tessellation Dance as well as working as a freelance dance teacher and administrative assistant. She is inspired by DanceSyndrome’s approach to making the dance space more accepting and allowing people with a variety of disabilities to thrive through their co-delivery model. This has allowed her to grow and develop as an inclusive practitioner through the beginnings of her career.


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Millie Kingsnorth