Becky Rich carries the Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton in the relay

Becky with the Commonwealth Games batonDanceSyndrome Ambassador takes part in Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay


DanceSyndrome Dance Leader, Ambassador and Spokesperson Becky Rich was thrilled to be invited to take part in the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay. Becky, 31, from Preston, took part in the relay as it passed through Blackburn on Saturday 16th July outside Ewood Park. Becky happens to have Down’s syndrome and was chosen to take part in the relay as a result of her significant contribution to local communities and learning disability advocacy.


Carrying the baton was a very special moment for Becky and she has written an account of the day which she wants to share with the public so that people can see what people with learning disabilities are able to achieve, with the right support.


Becky Rich: My day as a Queen’s Batonbearer – 16th July 2022


Dance Leader Becky RichI am Becky Rich. I am age 31 and I am Ambassador and Spokesperson for DanceSyndrome charity.


I live in Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire. I live with my Dad and Claire and my brother Alex. My brother Alex is in London.


My hobbies are walking in Avenham and Miller Park. I really love my Boxing. I absolutely love it.


In my Dancing family DanceSyndrome my very good friend Dawn Vickers nominated me to be a Batonbearer of the Queen’s Baton Relay Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022. The nomination was in and days away my nomination is successful. I was very, very excited to be chosen and it feels great. I absolutely loved it.


Days away I got my Batonbearer uniform and it felt absolutely fantastic. I screamed and punched the air. It means a lot to me.

I took my Batonbearer uniform to get it professionally altered to get my uniform to fit me.


Over the next few days I got my uniform back and ready for my big day.


On the day 16th July I went to Blackburn Rovers football stadium with my Dad and Claire and I met my two fellow Batonbearers and after that my friends and family came to support me.


After that at 4:30pm the convoy arrives and with everyone of the QBR team and my police escort arrived. At 4:45pm the QBR team police escort arrived with the baton and they came to me and given me the baton. When I got the baton in my hand I felt I was on top of the world and I am patriotically honoured to fly the very proud flag of our home country Great Britain UK I am so proud to call home.


We set off with my police escort. I was carrying the baton I decided to walk while I was carrying the baton and then I took my time and I was really enjoying it every minute of it. We went back towards the Blackburn Rovers football stadium. When I got around the corner with the baton the crowd went crazy. They were clapping, screaming and all the rest. For me by golly goodness me that was jolly great. I given the baton to my police escort they put the baton into position onto the stand. I stood right by the baton. I pointed to the baton. I stirred up the crowd and then they all went berserk really screaming and I was absolutely loving it. After that my police escort got the baton off the stand and they gave it back to me.


I was carrying the baton to the exit and then at the exit I raised up the baton and the crowd and my friends and family really did jolly big screams. When I turned round I given the baton back to my police escort and they were on their way to the next location. I have done it.

After that I was with my family and friends to celebrate. After that my Dad and Claire and I went back to Preston Blackbull pub to have a celebration drink. This is my special day of my life. I really love everyone and I can’t thank you enough.


Becky Rich,
DanceSyndrome Dance Leader, Ambassador and Spokesperson


To find out more about Becky’s role with DanceSyndrome, you can read her case study on our website.


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