Jen happens to have Down’s syndrome but that doesn’t stop her being passionate about dance. After leaving school she searched for training opportunities to work in dance, but they just weren’t there for a person with learning disabilities. So Jen and her parents decided to make their own opportunities, and DanceSyndrome was formed. Jen wants to be out and about experiencing life through dance with all its benefits – coordination, strength, training, communicating, exercise, health – both physical and mental, meeting people, leading, defying expectations, and having fun – the list is endless! DanceSyndrome doesn’t just give her these opportunities, but has given her a platform to share her vital message that disability doesn’t have to be a barrier if people are included and supported in the right way. Through her work with DanceSyndrome, Jen is sharing this message and it is being heard and recognised at a national level. Jen has received many accolades, including being listed on the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 list, a Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award and a British Empire Medal in the 2023 King’s Honours!

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