Pauline's sponsored swim

Pauline's sponsored swim

As DanceSyndrome’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 fundraising campaign gains momentum, Dance Leader Pauline Hall completed a sponsored swim last week to help with the fundraising efforts. Her friend and fellow dance leader Becky Rich went with Pauline to cheer her on, and she has written a brief blog about the fundraising event.


Here is an account of the day in Becky’s own words:


Pauline Hall has a very special talent. She is a fantastic swimmer! She is also a pleasure to work with and a great work colleague in the Select Team Committee. She is a very special young woman. She was willing to put herself through 32 swimming lengths and I can tell you Pauline was battling it out during the 32 lengths and getting tired. All of us, Shirley and I, Nicole, Sue, Chris and my Dad were all cheering for Pauline and to give it some Welly and she did! Pauline completed  the 32 Lengths of her swimming challenge for a great Cause, our Dancing Family “Dance Syndrome”. We are all very proud of you Pauline. We all really love you and we are very honoured to have a special member in our Dancing family. Angela, Pauline’s friend swam the 32 lengths as well. They both did a really great job!

Many Congratulations. May the celebrations commence!

Written by Becky Rich, fellow Dance Leader.


Thank you so much to Becky for her account and to Pauline for her wonderful fundraising efforts. 


We would also like to thank Pauline’s sister Susan and her friend Paul who ran the Blackpool Marathon yesterday to raise money for DanceSyndrome! 


It’s not too late if you would still like to sponsor Pauline, Susan and Paul. You can donate via Just Giving or directly through the Fundraising page on our website. 


Here is a great video of Pauline completing her swim, courtesy of Susan. 


Posted by Susan Carol on Friday, 20 April 2018

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