Star supporters are people who we have met in the course of our business who really love the work we do and want to share the impact that DanceSyndrome has had on them!

Star Supporters

Jenny Meadows – Great Britain Athlete, World and European Medallist

“As a person who has devoted their life to reaching my potential as an athlete, I can resonate so well with the aims and objectives of DanceSyndrome and the people who enable themselves and others to use it as a platform to reach their own potential. Just as an Olympic athlete has to dig deep within themselves and keep striving to jump higher, throw further and run faster, those people involved in DanceSyndrome similarly display an unstoppable Olympic spirit and tremendous resilience to deal with challenges and overcome barriers in their quest for success. It’s not all about the glory however and the gold, silver and bronze medals that are often used to celebrate success; it’s the individual tales of improvement, the journeys that people have been on and the landmarks of hope and friendship that they have experienced along the way. I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to hear about the tales, journeys and experiences that those involved with DanceSyndrome have been through as they rival that of the champion of Olympia, Heracles himself.”